Korean Law Firm, ‘WeAdvise’ Maximizes Legal Translation Efficiency with Bering Lab’s Professional Translation Service!

“Korean Law Firm, ‘WeAdvise’ Maximizes Legal Translation Efficiency with Bering Lab’s Professional Translation Service!” 🎯Achieved KPIs WeAdvise, a law firm offering specialized legal services to startups and SMEs, utilizes Bering Lab’s ‘Professional Translation Service,’ which combines AI preliminary translations reviewed by former lawyers. Through the BeringAI+ service, WeAdvise significantly improved the efficiency and quality of […]

Comparative Analysis of AI Translation Tools – BeringAI, DeepL, Google Translator

법률 문서 번역 '번역기' 성능 비교

BeringLab specializes in legal document translation and provides services to major law firms and corporate legal teams nationwide. BeringAI is tailored for legal documents, offering high accuracy and expertise in translating contracts and stock-related documents. This reflects BeringLab’s technical prowess, considering the complexity of legal translation by incorporating colloquial and formal language, speaker and listener […]

Legal Translation Guideline, Explained by a Lawyer: “Hereto/Hereof”

the legal document translation of the term 'Hereto/Hereof'

In today’s globalized world, many Korean companies conduct their contracts in English with foreign buyers or vendors. Accurate understanding and translation of English contracts are crucial in this process! Specifically, precise translation of contracts is vital for preventing legal disputes and ensuring transparency in transactions. Translating an English contract goes beyond mere language conversion and […]

[Case Study] Global Law Firm ‘A’ Reduces Translation Costs by 50% and Increases Efficiency by Over Tenfold in Q1 2024 with BeringAI

law firm case study translation

“Global Law Firm ‘A’ Reduces Translation Costs by 50% and Increases Efficiency by Over Tenfold in Q1 2024 with BeringAI.“ 🎯Achieved KPIs This client, headquartered in Korea, ranks among the top 200 global law firms with 500 employees, and focuses on dispute resolution, litigation, and intellectual property rights among other areas. The firm introduced BeringAI […]

Understanding Patent Specification Composition


A patent specification is a document submitted to the patent office to disclose and publish an invention that has been researched and developed, in order to obtain exclusive patent rights. It serves not only as a document of rights for the applicant but also provides essential technical information to third parties. Legally, it carries both […]

Legal Translation Guideline, Explained by a Lawyer: “Whereas”

Premise - Legal Translation

In today’s globalized business environment, dealing with foreign buyers or vendors has become routine for many South Korean companies. As such, the translation and understanding of English contracts are crucial. These documents are essential not only for daily operations but also for ensuring legal accuracy and preventing disputes. Today, we delve into the complexities of […]

The Subtleties of ‘Gap’ and ‘Eul’ in Korean Legal Documents

Legal translation

The Importance of Precision in Legal Translation Translating legal documents goes beyond simple language conversion, encompassing complexities that demand special attention. In particular, terms like ‘Gap’ (甲) and ‘Eul’ (乙) frequently appear in Korean legal texts and require careful consideration. This blog aims to delve deep into the nuances of such terms to aid translators […]

BeringLab Professional Translator Interview Series #2 – ‘HY Cho’ Translator

Legal Translation

“To excel in translation, ‘industry experience’ is absolutely crucial.“– Interview with HY Cho, a translator with 30 years of experience across various majors and industries – Today, we’re sharing the story of HY Cho, a translator who has studied abroad in the USA and the UK, and explored majors such as Business Administration, Law, Physics, […]

BeringAI makes your English contract translations easier

In today’s globalized business environment, managing and translating cross-border contracts can be very complex. Lawyers, legal experts, and managers of global operations consistently face challenges with accuracy, confidentiality, and efficiency. Designed specifically for legal, patent, and business documents, BeringLab’s BeringAI effectively tackles these issues. This article will explore how BeringAI simplifies the translation of complex […]