Legal Translation Guideline, Explained by a Lawyer: “Hereto/Hereof”

the legal document translation of the term 'Hereto/Hereof'

In today’s globalized world, many Korean companies conduct their contracts in English with foreign buyers or vendors. Accurate understanding and translation of English contracts are crucial in this process! Specifically, precise translation of contracts is vital for preventing legal disputes and ensuring transparency in transactions. Translating an English contract goes beyond mere language conversion and involves complexities, especially as the core terms in a contract can have meanings different from their general use, necessitating careful attention from professional translators.

Today, let’s explore the legal document translation of the term ‘Hereto/Hereof‘ commonly found in contracts.

✅ Translation of the Term “Hereto”

In everyday language, ‘Hereto’ means “to this place” or “here.”

  • 🇺🇸 We’re just ​hereto have a good time.
  • 🇰🇷 우리는 그냥 즐거운 시간을 보내려고 여기에 왔어요.

However, when ‘Hereto’ is used in a contract, it serves as a referential term meaning “to this document” or “to this contract.” Applying this in translation:

  • 🇺🇸 In witness whereof, the duly authorized signatories of the respective parties HERETO have signed the present Agreement.
  • 🇰🇷 이에 대한 증거로 각각에 소속된 정당하게 권한을 위임받은 서명인들이 이 계약에 서명한다.

✅ Translation of the Term “Hereof”

‘Hereof’ is rarely found in everyday sentences but frequently appears in contracts. In contracts, ‘Hereof’ means “of this document” or “of this contract.

Applying this in translation:

  • 🇺🇸 This Agreement supersedes all other agreements, written or oral, between the parties as to the subject matter HEREOF.
  • 🇰🇷 본 계약은 본 계약의 주체와 관련하여 당사자 사이의 서면 또는 구두로 작성된 모든 계약을 대체한다.

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