[Case Study] Global Law Firm ‘A’ Reduces Translation Costs by 50% and Increases Efficiency by Over Tenfold in Q1 2024 with BeringAI

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“Global Law Firm ‘A’ Reduces Translation Costs by 50% and Increases Efficiency by Over Tenfold in Q1 2024 with BeringAI.

🎯Achieved KPIs

  • 50% Cost Reduction: Achieved significant cost reduction by adopting BeringAI instead of using outsourced translation services.
  • Translated Words: 9,276,271: Improved translation processing speed more than tenfold.
  • Processed Documents over 2,000: Ensured document consistency by perfectly preserving the original formatting in the translations

This client, headquartered in Korea, ranks among the top 200 global law firms with 500 employees, and focuses on dispute resolution, litigation, and intellectual property rights among other areas. The firm introduced BeringAI in 2023 as an in-house document translation tool to enhance the security and professionalism of legal documents. As of Q1 2024, they are efficiently processing over 2,000 documents monthly.

⛑️ Pain Points

1. High Costs and Inefficiencies of Outsourcing:

  • As a leading law firm in Korea, the client faced significant challenges managing outsourced translations due to high costs, extended processing times, lack of consistency, and communication issues with external translators. Legal documents, in particular, incurred higher translation costs than general documents, markedly increasing expenses.

2. Need for Enhanced Efficiency and Speed in Global Document Translations:

  • In-house lawyers were restricted from using unsecured external tools like Google Translate, Papago, or ChatGPT, forcing them to translate documents themselves. This requirement substantially added to their workload and extended the time needed for translations.
  • Typically, it takes an experienced translator about one hour to translate one page. However, the complexity and technicality of legal documents can extend this time significantly, depending on the individual’s language skills and the level of complexity of the document.

3. Difficulty Maintaining Quality and Consistency of Translations:

  • Ensuring the quality and consistency of translations across various fields was essential. However, the firm struggled to maintain uniformity in documents, especially when multiple parties were involved in a project.

😎 Problems Solved with BeringAI

1. Enhanced Strategic Decision-Making Through Improved Information Access:

  • Previously, limited access to vital documents hindered strategic decision-making. he introduction of BeringAI has simplified access to diverse information, significantly transforming the firm’s work environment and boosting lawyers’ decision-making capabilities.

2. Improved Translation Quality and Reduced Post-Editing with Support for Various Document Formats:

  • Maintaining the original format of legal documents was a crucial requirement for this client. BeringAI supports multiple document formats, ensuring that the original layout, fonts, and styles are preserved after translation. This capability is particularly useful for translating complexly formatted documents such as technical specifications and legal texts.
  • Since adopting BeringAI, there has been a noticeable reduction in post-editing time and effort, and the BLEU score for translation accuracy has improved markedly from 21.3 to 51.8.

3. Guaranteed Transparency and Security in the Translation Process:

  • BeringAI has given the firm complete control over the translation process, enhancing the supervision of reference documents, increasing the visibility of historical translations, and streamlining the management of outsourcing projects directly through BeringAI+.
  • BeringAI’s robust security measures ensure the protection of customer data. All translation data is automatically deleted from the system immediately after completion, safeguarding against data breaches. This is critical for handling sensitive information and meets the stringent security demands of the legal sector.
  • The system is set up on a private cloud, protecting customer data from unauthorized access, unlike conventional translation tools that operate on public clouds.

4. Enhanced Team Collaboration on a Single Platform:

  • Before adopting BeringAI, each team member used different tools and methods for translation. Now, BeringAI unifies the team’s efforts on a single platform, which has improved planning, reduced work time, and increased efficiency across projects.

The client has transformed its legal document translation process with the adoption of BeringAI. They have achieved a tenfold reduction in translation time and over 50% in cost savings, all while ensuring consistency across translations. The translation accuracy, measured by the BLEU score, has significantly improved, nearly doubling from 21.3 to 51.8. This enhancement has lessened the burden of post-editing and elevated the quality of internal translations.

BeringAI has not only improved the operational aspects of translation projects but also the quality of outcomes. It has increased the speed and efficiency of ancillary tasks, further enhancing the professionalism of the firm’s in-house experts.

Testimonial from a Client Representative at the Firm:

🗣️ “Achieving improved quality and speed in translation while reducing costs has been absolutely crucial for us. Since the introduction of BeringAI, we’ve cut translation expenses by more than 50% and reduced our lawyers’ work time tenfold. This has enhanced productivity across all translation tasks and enabled higher accuracy at lower costs.”

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