Comparative Analysis of AI Translation Tools – BeringAI, DeepL, Google Translator

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BeringLab specializes in legal document translation and provides services to major law firms and corporate legal teams nationwide. BeringAI is tailored for legal documents, offering high accuracy and expertise in translating contracts and stock-related documents. This reflects BeringLab’s technical prowess, considering the complexity of legal translation by incorporating colloquial and formal language, speaker and listener context, and domain-specific nuances.

Today, we’ll conduct a comparative analysis of translations of a “Copyright Transfer Agreement” by BeringLab, DeepL (referred to as D), and Google Translator (referred to as G), highlighting the suitability of BeringLab for legal document translation.

1. Performance of BeringLab

BeringLab demonstrated its ability to accurately translate complex legal terms and phrases in the copyright transfer document. It excelled in preserving the nuances of the original text while ensuring legal accuracy, particularly translating key clauses like copyright transfers and exclusive usage rights, which underscored BeringLab’s strengths in legal translation.

2. Comparison of Translations from BeringAI, Deepl, and Google translator

While Deepl and Google translator showed relatively good accuracy, they fell short of BeringLab in the precise application of legal terms and contextual flow. Google translator, in particular, had some mistranslations in legal terms, and Deepl struggled with maintaining coherence throughout the document. This suggests that BeringLab possesses more specialized technology for legal document translation.

Let’s illustrate with specific translation examples:

💡 Original Phrase: “제2조(저작재산권의 이전 등록) 갑은 위 저작물에 대하여 저작재산권 이전 등록을 할 수 있으며 갑은 등록에 필요한 서류 등을 을에게 제공, 지체 없이 협력하여야 한다.”

1. BeringLab’s translation:

“Article 2 (Registration of Transfer of ✅Author’s Property Rights) Party A may register the transfer of author’s property rights for the above work, and Party A shall provide Party B with the necessary documents for registration and cooperate promptly.”

2. D’s translation:

“Article 2 (Transfer Registration of 🚨Intellectual Property Rights) A may register the transfer of intellectual property rights for the above work, and A shall provide E with the necessary documents for registration and cooperate promptly.”

3. G’s translation:

“Article 2 (Registration of transfer of 🚨copyright property rights) A may register the transfer of copyright rights for the above-mentioned work, and A must provide B with the documents necessary for registration and cooperate without delay.”

BeringLab’s translation showcased exceptional accuracy and legal term precision, translating ‘저작재산권’ as ‘author’s property rights’ accurately reflecting the legal context. In contrast, Deepl and Google translator used ‘intellectual property rights’ and ‘copyright rights,’ which do not capture the specificity of ‘저작재산권,’ highlighting the importance of nuanced term selection in legal translation.

3. Specialization of BeringAI

BeringLab’s specialized translation functionalities provide superior accuracy and expertise, making it the preferred choice among large law firms and corporate legal teams. Unlike D and G, which may suffice for general document translation, BeringLab offers unmatched expertise in the legal domain.

In conclusion, BeringLab outperforms competitors in translating legal documents, where the complexity and accuracy requirements are high. BeringAI proves to be the optimal choice for enterprises needing dependable legal translation, offering significant cost and time efficiency improvements in legal documentation processes.

🌎 Currently, numerous legal firms and corporate legal departments domestically and internationally are achieving over 50% cost savings and reducing translation times by more than ten hours with BeringAI, enhancing overall productivity significantly.

Try BeringAI today for free and experience the highest standards in legal document translation!

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