Legal Translation Guideline, Explained by a Lawyer: “Whereas”

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In today’s globalized business environment, dealing with foreign buyers or vendors has become routine for many South Korean companies. As such, the translation and understanding of English contracts are crucial. These documents are essential not only for daily operations but also for ensuring legal accuracy and preventing disputes. Today, we delve into the complexities of translating the term “whereas,” often seen in legal documents.

✅ Importance and Translation of the Term “Whereas”

Translating English contracts involves more than just converting words from one language to another; it requires a deep understanding of legal terminologies and their implications. The term “whereas” typically introduces a statement in legal contracts and is used to outline the reasons behind the agreement. In everyday language, “whereas” might compare two facts, but in legal documents, it sets the context without bearing legal force.

  • “WHEREAS, the Seller is selling substantially all of its assets to the Company in accordance with the Asset Acquisition Agreement, dated the first day of February 20XX (the ‘Acquisition Agreement’);”
  • Korean: “매도인은 20XXX년 2월 1일자 자산양수도계약 (이하 “인수계약”)에 따라 자신의 자산의 대부분을 회사에 매도하고 있다.”

This highlights the importance of experienced translators in handling legal documents where complex terms and conditions are involved. Legal terms might appear in multiple documents, requiring consistent and accurate translation to avoid any legal pitfalls.

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