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In today’s globalized business environment, managing and translating cross-border contracts can be very complex. Lawyers, legal experts, and managers of global operations consistently face challenges with accuracy, confidentiality, and efficiency. Designed specifically for legal, patent, and business documents, BeringLab’s BeringAI effectively tackles these issues. This article will explore how BeringAI simplifies the translation of complex international contracts, enhances data protection, and boosts translation workflow productivity.

1) Tailored Translation Engines for Legal, Patent, and Contract Translations

BeringAI differentiates itsBeringAI offers translation engines for legal, patent, and business use. This sets it apart from general translators like Google Translate, Papago, ChatGPT, and Deepl. These general translators do not have the specialized features for legal, patent, and business purposes.

We have translation engines for legal, patent, and business purposes. These engines are different from general translators such as Google Translate, Papago, ChatGPT, and Deepl. These general translators may not have the specialized focus that our engines offer. Even when these tools handle legal translations, security concerns can restrict their use.

BeringAI ensures every translated term meets the specific needs of legal contexts. BeringLab’s AI engine trains on various legal documents like court rulings, patent specifications, and contracts. It provides accurate translations that professionals can rely on.

BeringAI’s legal translations consistently outperform competitors with Legal BLEU Scores up to six times higher. We offer top-notch legal translation services in languages such as Korean, English, German, and Chinese.

2) Supports Multiple Document Formats

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One major challenge in professional and document translation is maintaining original formatting. BeringAI can translate PDF, DOCX, and PPTX files while keeping the original layout, fonts, and styles intact. This feature is crucial not only for legal documents but also for technical specifications involving intricate formatting.

By maintaining original formatting, BeringAI reduces the ‘post-editing’ work, effectively saving time in the translation process. It also ensures that it maintains the accuracy of legal documents, reducing potential legal disputes. Formatting and layout in legal documents are inherently meaningful, and any incorrect formatting or layout alterations can influence the interpretation of these documents.

BeringAI is excellent at translating complex graphic and formatted documents. These documents include technical specifications, engineering drawings, and research reports. They require specific formatting and graphic designs. By accurately interpreting and maintaining these structures, BeringAI helps professionals easily understand and use technical content.

This advanced capability plays a critical role in positioning BeringLab as a leader in AI translation technology. Our technology not only translates text accurately, but also preserves the essence and format of documents. This has earned us a strong reputation in the legal, technical, and business document translation markets.

The precise nature of this translation process improves BeringLab’s service quality, assisting users in efficiently managing complex document tasks. Users can expect the best translation outcomes for any document format with BeringAI, tailored to meet their specific needs.

3) Top-Level Data Security

Data security is paramount in legal and business translations. BeringLab has developed BeringAI with the highest security measures. The system encrypts data during transmission and storage.

The system deletes texts and files right after translation. This method protects sensitive information and adheres to global data protection regulations, ensuring peace of mind for all users.

Every component of BeringAI uses cutting-edge security protocols and encryption algorithms, enhancing the safety of customer data. At BeringLab, we regularly check for security weaknesses to protect BeringAI from cyber threats. We also make sure that user data is secure.

BeringLab ensures that sensitive information in translation projects is kept secure and not shared with third parties. Users can confidently translate any documents, including legal papers, business contracts, and technical specifications, with BeringAI. BeringLab is recognized globally as a dependable translation service provider because of its trustworthiness.

These important security measures are necessary for BeringLab to stay at the top in legal and business translation. BeringAI ensures that all users receive the best translations and keeps their data safe.

Why Choose BeringAI for Contract Translation?

Contract translation goes beyond simple text conversion; it requires careful and precise handling. BeringAI is a legal translation solution designed for precision and necessity, crafted specifically for legal professionals by lawyers. It simplifies the translation process, minimizes human errors, cuts costs, and delivers rapid results without compromising security or accuracy.

BeringAI provides a dependable solution for international law firms, global corporations, and individuals handling cross-border legal issues. The solution is ready for immediate use.

Currently, more than 130 law firms worldwide, including active global corporations, trust BeringLab. Experience the most accurate professional translations supervised directly by lawyers with BeringAI and BeringAI+, offering legal document translations faster and more affordably.

😎 Contact BeringLab now for professional lawyer-reviewed legal document translations.

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