Korean Law Firm, ‘WeAdvise’ Maximizes Legal Translation Efficiency with Bering Lab’s Professional Translation Service!

“Korean Law Firm, ‘WeAdvise’ Maximizes Legal Translation Efficiency with Bering Lab’s Professional Translation Service!”

🎯Achieved KPIs

  • 3x Faster Translation Speed: With Bering Lab’s AI preliminary translations, we could work 3x faster than other translation companies.
  • Translators with Legal Knowledge and Experience: Bering Lab’s translators, many of whom are former lawyers, ensured the accuracy and consistency of legally binding documents.
  • 40% Cost Savings: Utilizing the BeringAI translation engine for preliminary translations enabled us to reduce translation costs by over 40% compared to other companies.

WeAdvise, a law firm offering specialized legal services to startups and SMEs, utilizes Bering Lab’s ‘Professional Translation Service,’ which combines AI preliminary translations reviewed by former lawyers. Through the BeringAI+ service, WeAdvise significantly improved the efficiency and quality of their legal translations.

⛑️ Pain Points

1. Frequent Urgent Translation Needs

  • This client often required translations of various legal documents on tight deadlines, making translation speed a constant issue. Swift translation was essential for critical legal documents, but existing general translation companies struggled to meet these urgent requests due to long processing times.

2. High Costs and Time Management Challenges with Outsourcing

  • As a law firm, this client had to maintain confidentiality and security for all documents, making it difficult to manage outsourced translations. They experienced the limitations of outsourcing due to high costs, long processing times, inconsistency, and communication issues. Legal documents typically have higher translation rates than general translations, leading to exponentially increasing costs.

3. Low Quality and Inaccuracy of Legal Document Translations

  • Legal document translations must be highly accurate due to their legal effect. Existing translation companies did not always have translators with rich legal knowledge and experience, leading to low accuracy and errors in subtle term translations, affecting the quality of the translations.

😎 Problems Solved with BeringAI

1. Providing Fast Translation Services

  • With Bering Lab’s AI preliminary translations, we could respond quickly to urgent translation requests. Bering Lab’s legal-focused preliminary translations, combining AI and human translations, increased work speed by over 3x. After AI preliminary translations, precise reviews by former lawyer experts guaranteed the speed and quality of the final translations. This fast service greatly improved WeAdvise’s operational efficiency.

2. Review by Legal Experts

  • Bering Lab’s translators are former lawyers with extensive legal knowledge and experience. Our team comprises over 120 top-tier lawyers from Korea, the US, and other countries, who have studied law and worked as lawyers.
  • This ensures the accuracy of legally binding documents like ‘official contract copies’ and ‘stock purchase agreements.’ The legal expertise and complexity of the documents were accurately reflected, earning the client’s trust.

3. Efficient Project Management

  • Bering Lab’s effective communication system allowed direct communication with a translation PM, saving time and costs in managing multiple suppliers. This enabled the internal team to focus more on professional tasks. Additionally, the structured project management system allowed real-time monitoring of translation progress and quick adaptation to client requirements, improving translation quality and efficiency.

4. Transparency and Security of Confidential Documents

  • Bering Lab implemented top-level security measures to maximize the safety of client confidential documents. All reviewers signed confidentiality agreements before proceeding with the work, and we offered additional NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) signing to enhance security upon the client’s request.
  • These security features provided a safe environment for handling sensitive information, meeting the stringent standards required by the legal industry. Bering Lab also established a private cloud for the AI translation engine to eliminate concerns about external leaks, maintaining strict security and confidentiality of legal documents.

WeAdvise was able to radically improve its legal document translation process through Bering Lab’s professional translation service, BeringAI+. The actual translation work time was reduced by 3x, translation costs were cut by over 40%, and document formatting consistency was maintained for unified operations. Additionally, legal experts’ accuracy in legally binding documents was ensured.

Direct communication with Bering Lab’s translation PM allowed efficient project management, and for recurring documents, consistent tone and style were maintained in legal document translations. Bering Lab’s AI translation engine met WeAdvise’s translation needs, significantly enhancing translation quality and efficiency.

WeAdvise experienced top-tier improvements in both the operational and outcome aspects of translation projects through Bering Lab. The company achieved its KPIs by reducing the amount and speed of translation tasks, maximizing the specialization of in-house experts.

Testimonial from a Client Representative at the Firm:

🗣️ “The process was swift from the start! Translating a large volume of legal documents within a tight deadline took less than three days. The BeringAI+ service significantly reduced the stress of translation tasks, allowing our in-house experts to focus more on ‘professionalism’.”

Bering Lab offers services that significantly reduce human resources through our high-performance BeringAI translator and our BeringAI+ service, where experts and attorneys personally review various business and legal documents. Our services are three times faster and 40% cheaper than other companies.

Currently, more than 130 law firms, including renowned domestic law and patent firms, and various global companies are actively using our services. Trusted and chosen by top-tier law firms in the country, Bering Lab!

Experience the superior quality of Bering Lab’s professional translations, reviewed directly by attorneys.

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