The Importance of the Term “Premise” in English Contract

Premise - Legal Translation

In today’s globalized business environment, many Korean companies engage in contracts with foreign buyers or vendors, and these contracts are often drafted in English. Understanding and accurately translating these English contracts is crucial. One term that frequently appears and requires careful attention is “Premise,” as its interpretation can vary depending on the context of the contract.

✅ Importance and Translation of the Term “Premise”

The term “Premise” is commonly used in English contracts to describe the foundational conditions of the agreement. It can be translated as “previously discussed matters” or “topics discussed earlier” and plays a critical role at the beginning of a contract.

For example, “In consideration of the foregoing premises” can be translated as “Taking into account the aforementioned conditions.” The term ‘Premise’ is used in the context of a contract as follows:

“In consideration of the premises”

  • “NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and the mutual covenants set forth herein”
  • “Accordingly, based on the premises and mutual agreements stated in this contract,”
  • Korean: 이에 따라, 본 계약에 명시된 전제 및 상호 약정을 약인으로 하여,

⛑️ Caution Needed When Translating Contracts

The term “Premise” in English contracts encompasses more than simple vocabulary; it carries significant legal implications. Unlike everyday document translation, legal documents require a deep understanding and accurate reflection of the legal nuances each term holds, necessitating a translator’s expertise and experience.

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