Revolutionizing Legal Document Translation with ‘BeringAI’ and the Expert-Reviewed ‘BeringAI+’

Introducing BeringLab’s latest artificial intelligence (AI) translation service. BeringLab has been recognized as the leader in legal document translation solutions internationally, boasting a recent victory at the 2023 Huawei Cloud International Startup Competition, where it clinched the top prize. 🏆

BeringAI International Awards

2020-07: First place in the Quality Estimation Task at the WMT20 (World Machine Translation) conference.
2021-05: Four first-place awards in patent translation at WAT 2021 (Workshop on Asian Translation).
2023-10: Winner of the Huawei Cloud Startup Ignite Competition.
2023-11: First place in the Domain Finals and runner-up in the Grand Finals at SLINGSHOT 2023 in Singapore.

01. Real-Time Expert Legal Translator ‘BeringAI’

BeringAI is an innovative SaaS solution for legal translation, offering three times the efficiency of its competitors through high-accuracy AI translations. It is an essential productivity tool for attorneys, legal professionals, and innovation managers.

  • 🌍 Multilingual Support: BeringAI supports multiple languages, including but not limited to Korean<>English, Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian, and French, with more languages being added.
  • 📑 Supports Various Document Formats: In addition to plain text translations, BeringAI supports a range of document formats like Microsoft Word (.docx), Adobe PDF (.pdf), and simple text (.txt), maximizing workplace efficiency.
  • 🔐 Highest Level of Data Security: Ensures top-tier data security in translations for specialized fields such as law, contracts, and patents.

🙋‍♀️ Bering AI Translator Ideal for:

  • 🥵 Busy legal professionals who handle numerous documents and lack time for translations.
  • 😩 Users concerned about tone appropriateness with Google or Papago, and data security with ChatGPT. BeringAI is optimized for legal documents and offers the highest data security.
  • 😎 Managers in international business environments will find BeringAI’s diverse language support particularly beneficial.

02. Enhanced Expert Review with BeringAI+

BeringAI+ combines BeringLab’s sophisticated AI translation capabilities with final reviews by domain experts, making it faster, cheaper, and more accurate than traditional translation services.

Bering AI+ Key Benefits:

  • Translation speed is more than three times faster than conventional methods.
  • Human resource savings translate into at least 30% cost reduction.
  • The newly added real-time automatic quote feature allows instant quotes for desired documents, streamlining the outdated and complicated quoting process of traditional translation workflows.

🙋‍♀️ Experience BeringAI+ Now:

  • 😰 For swift official document translations: BeringAI+ supports real-time quote requests and uses AI for preliminary translations, significantly accelerating the translation workflow.
  • 💸 When cost is a concern: Move away from traditional all-human translation processes to a combination of high-performance AI preliminary translations plus expert review services, offered at prices 40% lower than competitors.

🏃‍♂️ Need quick official document translation? Try BeringAI+ for real-time quotes and unmatched quality at lower costs.

BeringAI, developed by legal experts and attorneys, combines top-notch AI technology with professional translation experience, outperforming generic translation tools. Currently, over 130 law firms globally, including major corporations, use our services, enjoying the highest quality legal and contract translations directly reviewed by attorneys. Experience BeringLab’s precise and high-quality specialized translations today! Contact BeringLab for more information.

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