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In today’s global market, patents play a crucial role. In an environment where technological innovation is active, patents are essential for protecting a company’s competitiveness and securing intellectual property rights. Particularly when entering foreign markets or obtaining patents in various countries, patent translation becomes an indispensable process. This blog will explore the situations where patent translation is necessary, documents related to patent translation, the importance of patent translation, and the excellence of BeringAI’s patent translation engine and BeringAI+ service.

Situations Where Patent Translation is Necessary

Patent translation is primarily needed in the following situations:

  1. Overseas Patent Filing: After obtaining a patent domestically, you need to file for patents overseas to protect the same invention. At this time, the documents submitted to the patent offices of each country must be translated into the respective languages.
  2. International Joint Research: In international collaborative research projects, researchers from various countries work together. In such cases, patent documents need to be translated into multiple languages for sharing.
  3. Legal Disputes: In case of legal disputes related to patents, it is necessary to accurately translate the related documents for submission in court.
  4. Market Entry: When entering new markets, translated patent documents are required to protect patents in those markets.

Documents Related to Patent Translation

Patent translation involves various documents, including:

  1. Specifications: Patent specifications include detailed descriptions of the invention and how it is implemented. Accurate translation of these is crucial for patent applications.
  2. Claims: Claims define the scope of the patent’s rights and require precise and accurate translation.
  3. Drawings Descriptions: Patent drawings and their descriptions are essential for understanding the invention. Accurate translation of these descriptions is important.
  4. International Application Documents: Documents required for PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) applications must be translated into multiple languages for submission to various countries.
  5. Legal Documents: Documents used in patent-related legal disputes must be accurately translated to have legal validity.

The Importance of Patent Translation

Patent translation is more than just language conversion. Accurate translation ensures the legal protection of patents, while incorrect translation can lead to significant legal disputes. Therefore, patent translation requires great caution and expertise in both legal and technical knowledge. Incorrect translation can jeopardize the validity of patents, leading to significant financial losses for companies.

BeringAI’s Patent Translation Engine and BeringAI+ Service

BeringAI recognizes the importance of patent translation and has developed a highly advanced patent translation engine to address this. BeringAI’s patent translation engine has the following strengths:

  1. Accurate Translation of Technical Terms: BeringAI can accurately translate terms from various technical fields such as electronics, chemistry, and mechanics, ensuring high translation accuracy.
  2. Consistency Maintenance: Consistency in terminology is crucial in patent documents. BeringAI ensures consistent terminology throughout the document, enhancing translation quality.
  3. Precise Document Structure: BeringAI maintains the structure and format of patent documents in translations, playing an essential role in the patent examination process.

The Excellence of BeringAI+ Service

The BeringAI+ service combines BeringAI’s AI translation technology with expert review by legal and patent professionals, offering high-quality translation services. The BeringAI+ service provides the following benefits:

  1. Expert Review: BeringAI’s translation results are reviewed by legal and patent experts, ensuring translation accuracy and legal validity. This minimizes legal errors and enhances document reliability.
  2. Time Savings: AI translation significantly reduces translation time. Expert review ensures high translation quality while enabling quick translation.
  3. Cost Reduction: Efficient translation processes help reduce costs. Combining AI translation and expert review provides high-quality translations economically.

Patent translation plays a crucial role in protecting a company’s intellectual property rights in the global market. BeringAI understands the complexity and importance of patent translation and offers highly advanced translation engines and expert review services. The BeringAI+ service maximizes translation accuracy and efficiency, providing customers with the best translation experience. If you need patent translation, experience BeringAI now!

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