BeringAI+ Translation Request Service: Launch of Real-Time Free Quote Feature

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In today’s global business environment, accurate and fast translation services are essential. Bering Lab continuously strives to meet these demands and has now launched new features to provide an even more convenient and efficient translation request experience. Introducing the ‘Real-Time Free Quote’ and ‘Non-Member Quote’ features. These two innovative features allow our customers to use translation services more easily and quickly.

🙋‍♀️ Non-Member Quote Feature

The BeringAI+ translation request service now offers the ‘Non-Member Quote’ feature, allowing users to receive instant translation quotes for their documents without the need for registration or login. This feature is designed to enable customers to conveniently check translation quotes without going through the cumbersome process of creating an account.

Using the Non-Member Quote feature is very simple. Just visit the BeringAI+ service page, upload the document you want to translate, and enter the necessary translation language and additional information. You can then receive a real-time quote. This process is completed within minutes, saving you time and providing a faster translation service.

⏰ Real-Time Free Quote Feature

Waiting for translation quotes can be a significant burden for many customers. This is especially true for legal documents such as contracts, business documents, and patents, where quick translation quotes and responses are essential. To meet this need, BeringAI+ has introduced the ‘Real-Time Free Quote’ feature.

With the Real-Time Free Quote feature, customers can upload the document file they want to translate, select the desired date and translation language, and receive an instant free translation quote without having to wait. This feature is particularly beneficial for customers who need urgent translation work. By providing real-time quotes, you can understand the translation costs and time in advance, allowing for better planning and execution of your tasks.

BeringAI+ provides more accurate and higher quality translations by reducing human errors through initial AI translation and final review by professional translators. If you want to improve the quality of your legal document translations, try Bering Lab’s BeringAI+ service now. With real-time free quotes, you can start your translation work quickly and easily!

Currently, more than 🌎 130 law firms domestically and internationally, as well as many global companies, are actively using our services. Trusted and chosen by the top law firms in Korea, Bering Lab offers legal translation through the BeringAI and BeringAI+ services, providing translations that are three times faster and 40% cheaper. Experience the more accurate and high-quality professional translations of legal documents and contracts, reviewed directly by lawyers at Bering Lab.

Contact Bering Lab now to inquire about professional contract translations reviewed by attorneys!

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