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In today's corporate environment, the importance of global communication is ever-increasing. Bering Lab offers tailored B2B services for large law firms and corporations, providing a translation solution optimized for specific needs and terminology, ensuring efficient and secure global communication.

Features of Our Custom Translation Solution

Bering Lab's Custom Translation Engine

1. Accurately reflects the specialized terminology and document styles required in legal, patent, and business fields.

2. AI-based engine continuously learns and improves, offering precise and natural translations.

3. Handles translation tasks on a private cloud server, maintaining high security.

Why Do You Need a Customized Translation Solution?

Benefits of a Customized Translation System


Ensures Stability with Top-Level Security

Perfect Security Solution for Security-Sensitive Enterprises and Institutions

Bering Lab processes all translations on private cloud servers, eliminating the risk of data leaks.
We employ the latest security protocols to fully protect your sensitive information and documents. Compliant with international data protection regulations, Bering Lab meets the security demands of large corporations and public institutions.


Guarantees Top-Quality with Model Customization

Translation Engine Tailored to Client Needs


Guarantees Top-Quality with Model Customization

Translation Engine Tailored to Client Needs

Bering Lab offers customized translation models tailored to the unique requirements of your business.
By specifying professional terminology, we optimize the quality of translation outputs and enhance productivity through translation memory and bilingual data.
We ensure the highest translation quality across various industries and specialized terminology.


Improves Productivity Within Your Organization

Reduces Translation Time by Over 50%, Minimizes Post-Editing

Bering Lab's translation engine greatly enhances efficiency by maintaining consistency in terminology and document formats within your company.
It streamlines internal communication and document management while ensuring a consistent brand message in the global market.
Your team can focus on core tasks while our software maximizes efficiency and productivity.

Customer Case Studies

Case of maximizing the efficiency of legal document translation in collaboration with a major domestic law firm

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