The Best AI Translators for Legal Translations in 2024

The Best AI Translators for Legal Translations in 2024



Legal translations require the utmost accuracy and efficiency. Legal documents hold significant legal weight, meaning that even a minor error can lead to substantial legal issues. For this reason, many legal professionals utilize AI translation tools to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of their translations. AI translation tools ensure speed and consistency in translations, while also catering to the specific needs of legal documents. Here are the top AI translators widely used for legal and business translations in 2024.

Key AI Translators for Legal Translations

1. BeringAI

BeringAI is an AI translator specialized in legal document translation. It offers precise translations based on a deep understanding of legal terminology and document styles. BeringAI combines the experience of legal translators with advanced AI technology to deliver accurate and consistent translations for contracts, court rulings, patents, and other legal documents. The BeringAI translation engine demonstrated its superior performance by winning first place at the 2023 Huawei Cloud Startup Ignite competition and securing second place at SLINGSHOT 2023 as the first Korean company to achieve such recognition. BeringAI excels in reflecting the complexities and nuances of legal documents, ensuring high-quality translations.

2. DeepL

DeepL is renowned for its exceptional translation quality. It delivers high accuracy in legal document translations, supporting various languages and excelling in contextual understanding. Its ability to handle complex sentence structures makes it particularly useful for document translation. DeepL is a preferred tool among many professionals due to its reliability and accuracy.

3. Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the most widely used translation tools globally. It offers extensive language support and rapid translation speeds, but it can fall short in the accuracy of legal terminology. While it is useful for everyday document translations, additional review may be necessary for legal documents.

4. Papago

Developed by Naver, Papago excels in translations between Korean and English. It provides natural translation quality for legal documents but may require additional review for specialized legal terminology. Papago is advantageous for translations of domestic documents due to its focus on the Korean language.

5. AILingo

AILingo specializes in translating legal and business documents. It offers translations that consider the context of the document and continuously learns to improve the accuracy of legal terminology translations. LingoAI is particularly noted for its high accuracy and efficiency in business document translations.

Advantages and Limitations of AI Translators


AI translators offer several advantages in legal document translations:

  • Speed: They can quickly translate large volumes of documents.
  • Consistency: They maintain consistency in terminology, enhancing translation quality.
  • Cost Savings: They are generally more cost-effective than hiring human translators.
  • Reflecting Legal Specificities: AI translators accurately reflect the specific requirements of legal documents.
  • Continuous Learning: AI systems continuously learn and improve, enhancing translation quality over time.
  • Swift Response: They can quickly respond to urgent translation tasks.


However, there are limitations in using AI translators for final legal documents:

  • Lack of Nuance Understanding: They may struggle to grasp subtle nuances and context.
  • Legal Liability Issues: Errors in AI translations can lead to legal problems, as precise translations are crucial for legal documents.
  • Inadequate Reflection of Cultural Differences: They may not fully account for cultural differences in expressions.

🧑‍🏫 Bering Lab’s Solution for Legal Translation

While AI translators have become essential tools in legal translations, they may still fall short in fully capturing the nuances and context understood by human translators. Therefore, in legal document translations, AI translators should be used in conjunction with expert proofreading and editing.

BeringAI is a specialized AI translator for legal translations, offering six times the performance of competitors. It excels in translating legal documents such as court rulings, contracts, and patent specifications. To address the limitations of AI translators, BeringAI+ offers expert review services.

BeringAI+ reduces human error through initial AI translations and provides more accurate and high-quality translations with final reviews by professional translators. If you want to enhance the quality of your legal document translations, try BeringLab’s BeringAI+ service now. It offers real-time free quotes, making it easy and fast to start your translation projects.

Currently, over 130 law firms both domestically and internationally, as well as various global corporations, actively use our services. Trusted by top law firms in Korea, BeringLab offers highly accurate legal translations reviewed directly by attorneys. Experience superior legal and contract translations with BeringLab’s services, provided three times faster and 40% cheaper through BeringAI and BeringAI+.

Contact Bering Lab now to inquire about professional contract translations reviewed by attorneys!

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