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Automated first pass of translations allows for 3x faster turnaround times versus competitors



Significant cost reduction with zero quality compromises



Ensures consistency in quality and eliminates human error

BeringAI+ linguists are
true experts.

400+ lawyers tested and recruited through sample tests, interviews, and reference checks

BeringAI+ is
3x faster and 40% cheaper
and reviewed by actual lawyers

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All translators/reviewers sign a confidentiality agreement prior to translation. Upon request, we can also sign a separate non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Please contact your project manager.

Quotes can be submitted via Bering AI+ website ( or email.

Our quotes are based on word count or character count, depending on the source/target language. You can get a detailed quote by requesting a free quote.

When submitting your quote, please provide us with your target date, and one of our project managers will contact you as soon as possible.

Our post-editors are true domain experts. For legal documents, a qualified lawyer, and for patent documents, a patent expert with educational and/or work experience in the relevant field will perform the review.

We offer both credit card and bank transfer options. Your project manager will guide you through the payment process along with the quote.