BeringLab Professional Translator Interview Series #3 – ‘HS Jang’ Translator

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“Few translation companies possess the level of legal translation expertise that Bering Lab does!“ Today, we introduce an interview with HS Jang, a translator at Bering Lab who has a background in law both in Korea and the USA. HS Jang studied Computer Science and Law in the USA and has gained extensive expertise in […]

The Subtleties of ‘Gap’ and ‘Eul’ in Korean Legal Documents

Legal translation

The Importance of Precision in Legal Translation Translating legal documents goes beyond simple language conversion, encompassing complexities that demand special attention. In particular, terms like ‘Gap’ (甲) and ‘Eul’ (乙) frequently appear in Korean legal texts and require careful consideration. This blog aims to delve deep into the nuances of such terms to aid translators […]

BeringLab Professional Translator Interview Series #2 – ‘HY Cho’ Translator

Legal Translation

“To excel in translation, ‘industry experience’ is absolutely crucial.“– Interview with HY Cho, a translator with 30 years of experience across various majors and industries – Today, we’re sharing the story of HY Cho, a translator who has studied abroad in the USA and the UK, and explored majors such as Business Administration, Law, Physics, […]

BeringAI makes your English contract translations easier

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In today’s globalized business environment, managing and translating cross-border contracts can be very complex. Lawyers, legal experts, and managers of global operations consistently face challenges with accuracy, confidentiality, and efficiency. Designed specifically for legal, patent, and business documents, BeringLab’s BeringAI effectively tackles these issues. This article will explore how BeringAI simplifies the translation of complex […]

Revolutionizing Legal Document Translation with ‘BeringAI’ and the Expert-Reviewed ‘BeringAI+’

Introducing BeringLab’s latest artificial intelligence (AI) translation service. BeringLab has been recognized as the leader in legal document translation solutions internationally, boasting a recent victory at the 2023 Huawei Cloud International Startup Competition, where it clinched the top prize. 🏆 BeringAI International Awards 2020-07: First place in the Quality Estimation Task at the WMT20 (World […]

BeringLab’s Professional Translator Interview #1 – Translator JH Lee

“Even competitors acknowledge that if someone has worked with ‘BeringLab,’ their skills have been validated.”– Interview with JH Lee, a former attorney who studied law in both Korea and the USA – Today, we introduce JH Lee, a translation expert who majored in law in Korea and the USA and has worked as both a […]

English Contract Translation Guide: Key Components and Important Considerations

Contracts are essential documents that formalize transactions between businesses, international cooperation projects, or personal commitments. As activities in the global market increase, the importance of English contracts is also growing. Accurate translation of English contracts requires the expertise of ‘translation companies’ and ‘translation services,’ which play a crucial role in securing the legal effectiveness of […]