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In today’s global business environment, managing and translating cross-border contracts and legal documents is highly complex. Lawyers, legal professionals, and global business managers constantly face challenges related to accuracy, confidentiality, and efficiency. Bering Lab’s BeringAI is an AI-based legal translator designed to solve these problems, offering swift and precise translations for legal, patent, and business documents. This article will explore how BeringAI simplifies complex international contract translations, protects data, and enhances translation productivity.

Customized Translation Engines for Legal, Patent, and Business Documents

BeringAI distinguishes itself by offering translation engines tailored to legal, patent, and business contexts. Unlike general translation tools such as Google Translate, Papago Translate, ChatGPT Translate, and DeepL Translate, which are not specialized for legal, patent, or business translations and have limitations regarding confidentiality, BeringAI ensures each translated term retains its precise meaning within a professional legal context. Trained on vast amounts of legal documents, including court rulings, patent specifications, and contracts, BeringAI provides highly reliable translations trusted by experts.

In actual Legal BLEU Scores, BeringAI’s legal translations are 2-6 times more accurate than competitors. BeringAI delivers higher quality legal translation services across various languages, including Korean, English, German, and Chinese.

Versatile Document Format Translation – PDF, DOCX, PPTX, and More

BeringAI supports various document formats, such as PDF, DOCX, and PPTX, ensuring that the original document’s layout, fonts, and styles remain intact post-translation. This is particularly crucial for legal documents and complex documents with essential formatting like technical specifications.

This feature helps reduce the ‘post-editing’ phase in translation tasks, effectively saving work time. Maintaining formatting in legal document translations is essential to ensure the accuracy of information and minimize the potential for legal issues. BeringAI automatically detects and appropriately handles these elements, ensuring that the translated document precisely matches the original’s intent.

Moreover, BeringAI excels in translating complex documents where formatting and graphics are critical, such as technical specifications, engineering drawings, and research reports. By accurately interpreting and maintaining the structure of these documents, BeringAI supports professionals in easily understanding and utilizing technical content.

Top-Level Data Security

Data security is paramount in legal and business translations. Understanding this, Bering Lab has built BeringAI with top-tier security measures. All data is encrypted during transmission and storage, and once the translation is complete, the uploaded texts and files are immediately deleted from the system. This approach not only protects sensitive information but also complies with global data protection regulations, ensuring peace of mind for all users.

Bering Lab’s data security protocols guarantee that sensitive information is not accessed or disclosed by third parties during any translation task. Users can confidently translate legal documents, business contracts, technical specifications, and more with BeringAI. This robust security framework is why Bering Lab is a trusted translation service provider in the global market.

These advanced security measures are crucial in establishing Bering Lab’s leading position in the legal and business translation fields. To ensure all users experience high-level data security and top-notch translation quality through BeringAI, we continuously enhance our security and privacy measures.

Why Choose BeringAI for Legal Document Translation?

Legal document translation is a meticulous and precise task that goes beyond simple translation. BeringAI is a legal translation solution designed with the needs and precision required by legal professionals, developed by lawyers for lawyers. It simplifies the translation process, minimizes human error, reduces costs, and delivers results quickly without compromising security or accuracy. BeringAI offers a robust, reliable, and instantly usable solution for international law firms, global companies, and anyone dealing with cross-border legal issues.

Currently, more than 130 law firms globally, including top-tier firms, actively use our services. Trusted and chosen by the best, Bering Lab delivers diverse legal document translations, including court rulings, patent specifications, and contracts, 3 times faster and 40% cheaper through BeringAI and BeringAI+ services. Experience the higher quality of accurate professional translations reviewed by lawyers at Bering Lab!

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