Are You Using the Same Translation Engine for Patents, Contracts, and Court Decisions? BeringAI is Different!

In today’s global business environment, accurate and swift translations are essential. Especially for specialized documents such as legal, patent, and business documents, relying on general translation tools makes it challenging to achieve high-quality translations. To meet these demands, BeringAI offers customized translation engines optimized for the nature of each document. Today, let’s explore the various […]

How to use AI translation tools: A practical guide for professional translators

AI translation tools

Professional translators prioritize accuracy and efficiency when translating texts from a variety of disciplines. AI translation tools are playing an important role in helping them achieve these goals. Bering Lab has developed an AI translation engine specialized in the legal and patent fields based on domain expertise and excellent business experience, and has gained attention […]

AI Translation Technology Recognized for Excellence in Legal and Patent Fields

Global Recognition for Bering Lab's AI Translation Engine

Bering Lab has developed an AI translation engine specialized in the legal and patent fields, gaining recognition both domestically and internationally. We recognize the inefficiencies in the legal translation process and focus on resolving these challenges. Bering Lab’s AI translation technology enhances translation quality, maximizes work efficiency, and supports legal professionals in focusing on their […]

Maximize Your ROI with Bering Lab’s Custom AI Translation Solution for Enterprises!

Custom AI Translation Solution for Enterprises

In today’s business environment, global communication is essential. For law firms and large corporations handling legal documents, accurate and rapid translation is crucial for successful business operations. Incorrect translations can lead to legal disputes, harming a company’s reputation and causing financial losses. This is why custom machine translation solutions have become indispensable tools. Bering Lab’s […]

BeringAI+ Translation Request Service: Launch of Real-Time Free Quote Feature

The Best AI Translators for Legal Translations in 2024

In today’s global business environment, accurate and fast translation services are essential. Bering Lab continuously strives to meet these demands and has now launched new features to provide an even more convenient and efficient translation request experience. Introducing the ‘Real-Time Free Quote’ and ‘Non-Member Quote’ features. These two innovative features allow our customers to use […]

The Most Secure Customized Enterprise Machine Translation Solution – Bering Lab

Customized Translation Engine

“Let your team focus on what they do best, and leave the rest to our software!” In today’s corporate environment, the importance of global communication is continually increasing. To effectively meet these challenges, many companies are considering implementing in-house translation engines. Bering Lab provides customized B2B services for major law firms and corporations, building translation […]

Comparative Analysis of AI Translation Tools – BeringAI, DeepL, Google Translator

법률 문서 번역 '번역기' 성능 비교

BeringLab specializes in legal document translation and provides services to major law firms and corporate legal teams nationwide. BeringAI is tailored for legal documents, offering high accuracy and expertise in translating contracts and stock-related documents. This reflects BeringLab’s technical prowess, considering the complexity of legal translation by incorporating colloquial and formal language, speaker and listener […]

BeringAI makes your English contract translations easier

In today’s globalized business environment, managing and translating cross-border contracts can be very complex. Lawyers, legal experts, and managers of global operations consistently face challenges with accuracy, confidentiality, and efficiency. Designed specifically for legal, patent, and business documents, BeringLab’s BeringAI effectively tackles these issues. This article will explore how BeringAI simplifies the translation of complex […]

Revolutionizing Legal Document Translation with ‘BeringAI’ and the Expert-Reviewed ‘BeringAI+’

Introducing BeringLab’s latest artificial intelligence (AI) translation service. BeringLab has been recognized as the leader in legal document translation solutions internationally, boasting a recent victory at the 2023 Huawei Cloud International Startup Competition, where it clinched the top prize. 🏆 BeringAI International Awards 2020-07: First place in the Quality Estimation Task at the WMT20 (World […]

Fatal Translation Errors in Legal Documents: Ensuring Safety with BeringAI’s Flawless Translations

The Importance of Legal Document Translation Legal documents are crucial for clearly recording agreements between companies or individuals. Accurate translation of these documents is essential to prevent misunderstandings and clarify legal obligations. In the realm of legal documents, where professionalism and precision are paramount, a small translation error can lead to significant financial losses, damage […]