AI Translation Technology Recognized for Excellence in Legal and Patent Fields

Global Recognition for Bering Lab's AI Translation Engine



Bering Lab has developed an AI translation engine specialized in the legal and patent fields, gaining recognition both domestically and internationally. We recognize the inefficiencies in the legal translation process and focus on resolving these challenges. Bering Lab’s AI translation technology enhances translation quality, maximizes work efficiency, and supports legal professionals in focusing on their core tasks.

Global Recognition for Bering Lab’s AI Translation Engine

Bering Lab’s AI translation engine has demonstrated outstanding performance in global challenges. In 2023, we secured second place at ‘SLINGSHOT 2023,’ a global deep-tech startup competition held in Singapore, making us the first Korean company to break into the top 10. Additionally, we were the first Korean company to win first place overall at the Huawei Cloud Startup Ignite 2023 in Hong Kong. These achievements have earned Bering Lab international recognition for its technological prowess and innovation.

Notably, Bering Lab took first place in the ‘Word-Level Post-Editing’ category at WMT2020, surpassing companies like Huawei and Tencent, demonstrating the highest performance in BLEU scores for the legal and patent fields. These results prove the accuracy and reliability of Bering Lab’s AI translation engine. Through proof-of-concept projects with leading domestic law and patent firms, we have showcased the value and reliability of our documents from various countries and smoothly conduct global business operations.

Core Value of Bering Lab: Enhancing Productivity for Professionals

Bering Lab focuses on enhancing the productivity of professionals by allowing them to concentrate on their expertise. Bering Lab’s AI translation engine has been proven as a solution that not only maintains the quality of translations but also preserves the original document format, making it immediately applicable in work environments. Specifically, for legal contracts, it has achieved a 60% reduction in work time, which is a significant value for our clients.

Technical Excellence and Service Diversity

Bering Lab’s AI translation engine has shown outstanding performance, winning major awards at the WMT2020 International Machine Translation Conference and boasting the highest BLEU scores in the legal and patent fields.

Bering Lab’s services offer significant advantages to clients by reducing human resources, providing faster translation speeds, and offering cost-effective solutions compared to traditional translation companies. Currently, over 130 law firms, patent firms, and large corporations worldwide are using our services. Our global clients actively use our services, and we support various languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. We look forward to adding more languages and features in the future.

Use Cases of Bering Lab’s AI Translation Engine

Bering Lab’s AI translation engine is effectively used in various fields, including legal documents, patent documents, and technical documents. For legal documents, it maintains high accuracy and consistency in translating contracts, litigation documents, and judgments. Our AI translation engine accurately understands and reflects legal terminology and document style, enhancing the quality of translations and ensuring that lawyers can trust the translated documents.

Bering Lab’s Technological Prowess and Customer Satisfaction

Bering Lab’s AI translation engine is highly rated for both its technical excellence and customer satisfaction. Our translators are composed of experts with extensive legal knowledge and experience, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of legally binding documents. Additionally, direct communication with Bering Lab’s translation PM allows for efficient management of translation projects, enabling prompt response to client needs.

Bering Lab’s AI translation engine provides high accuracy and efficiency in the legal and patent fields, increasing customer satisfaction. Through Bering Lab’s AI translation technology, you can maximize the quality and efficiency of legal document translations while reducing translation costs. Bering Lab’s AI translation engine is recognized for its value in the global market and supports various languages to benefit more clients.

If you want to enhance the quality of your legal document translations, use Bering Lab’s BeringAI+ service today. We offer more accurate and reliable translation services with expert reviews.

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