Legal Translation Guideline, Explained by a Lawyer: “Hereinafter”




today’s global business environment, many Korean companies enter into contracts with foreign buyers or vendors in English. Accurate understanding and translation of English contracts are crucial in this process. Since the terms in a contract have legal binding power, translating them involves more than just converting languages. It requires considering the precise meaning and legal context of each term. Today, we’ll look at the term ‘Hereinafter,’ frequently used in contracts, and how it should be translated in legal documents.

✅ Importance and Translation of the Term “Hereinafter”

Hereinafter‘ is one of the terms frequently used in contracts but rarely encountered in everyday English. This term means “below” or “after this,” and it is used to clearly define and repeatedly reference specific terms or parties within a document. In contracts, it helps prevent confusion by specifying terms or parties that will be referred to consistently throughout the document.

For example, in the opening part of a contract, the phrase “ABC Corporation, hereinafter referred to as ‘the Company’…” means that ‘the Company’ will refer to ‘ABC Corporation’ throughout the rest of the document. This approach is essential for maintaining clarity and consistency in the document.

  • Original: “This Agreement is made between ABC Corporation, hereinafter referred to as ‘the Company’, and XYZ Ltd., hereinafter referred to as ‘the Distributor’.”
  • Translation: “본 계약은 ABC 회사(이하 ‘회사’라 한다)와 XYZ 주식회사(이하 ‘유통업체’라 한다) 간에 체결된다.”

As seen in this example, ‘Hereinafter’ is used to define specific terms concisely and clearly within the document. This usage enhances the readability of the contract and avoids repetitive explanations. This highlights the importance of experienced translators in handling legal documents where complex terms and conditions are involved. Legal terms might appear in multiple documents, requiring consistent and accurate translation to avoid any legal pitfalls.

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