Fatal Translation Errors in Legal Documents: Ensuring Safety with BeringAI’s Flawless Translations

The Importance of Legal Document Translation

Legal documents are crucial for clearly recording agreements between companies or individuals. Accurate translation of these documents is essential to prevent misunderstandings and clarify legal obligations. In the realm of legal documents, where professionalism and precision are paramount, a small translation error can lead to significant financial losses, damage to corporate image, and even litigation! 🥵

Bering Lab offers top-notch performance specialized in legal document translation to prevent such issues. 🏆 By saving human resources and minimizing translation errors, Bering Lab enables faster and more accurate translations of legal documents.

International Translation Issues

There have been several critical issues caused by mistranslations internationally.

1️⃣ For example, in 2017, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration in South Korea nearly incurred a loss of 20 billion won due to a misinterpretation of key clauses in a contract with American defense companies. (Source: SBS News, July 11, 2017)

2️⃣ Additionally, in 2022, the Japanese government, which lost a compensation lawsuit filed by comfort women victims, attempted to refuse the receipt of documents for asset seizure, claiming “the translation was incorrect.” Such mistranslations can lead to severe issues, from financial problems to national damages. (Source: Seoul Newspaper, September 23, 2022)

Performance of Bering AI Specialized in Legal Translation

Traditional translation engines, designed for general sentence translation, often fall short for official documents like ‘legal documents/contracts/patents’. However, 🚀 Bering AI is implemented at an international level of translation performance specialized in the legal field, enabling industry professionals such as lawyers, paralegals, and innovation managers to use it directly in their work. Check out the difference between a general translation engine and Bering Lab’s specialized legal translation!

1. Contract Mistranslation Example

🗣 Original sentence: “RECITALS – The Shareholders own all of the presently outstanding shares of capital stock of the Company (the “Shares”) and desire and intend to sell the Shares to Buyer at the price and on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth below.”

😎 Bering AI Translation: 전문 – 주주들은 회사의 현재 발행된 자본 주식 전부 (이하 “본건 주식”)를 소유하며, 아래 명시된 가격 및 조건에 따라 매수인에게 본건 주식을 매도하고자 한다.

😓 Competitor’s General Translation Engine: 연주회- 주주는 회사의 현재 발행된 모든 자본금 주식(“주식”)을 소유하고 있으며 아래에 명시된 조건에 따라 가격과 조건에 따라 주식을 구매자에게 판매하기를 희망하고 있습니다.

🚨 Issue with General Translation Engine: The contract’s preamble must be translated with precise legal terminology. The following sentences also use expressions awkward for legal documents (e.g., sale of shares, buyer).

2. Judgment Mistranslation Example

🗣 Original sentence: “The court held that the defendant’s conduct constituted negligence per se.”

😎 Bering AI Translation: “법원은 피고의 행위가 과실 그 자체에 해당한다고 판시하였다.“

😓 Competitor’s General Translation Engine: “법원은 피고의 행동이 자동으로 무책임을 구성한다고 결론 내렸다.”

🚨 Issue with General Translation Engine: The translation as “무책임” can be misleading. Judgment documents, being legal documents, should accurately translate to “‘negligence per se’ as determined by law.”

3. Awkward Translation Sentences in Contracts

🗣 Original sentence: “This contract reflects the content agreed upon through negotiations between Company A and Company B.”

😎 Bering AI Translation: “This Agreement reflects the terms agreed upon through negotiations between Company A and Company B.”

😓 Competitor’s General Translation Engine​: “This contract reflects the negotiated terms between A Corp and B Corp.”

🚨 Issue with General Translation Engine: The translation of “content agreed upon through negotiations” as “negotiated terms” fails to fully convey the original intent.

Bering Lab specializes in professional legal document translation, preventing issues caused by mistranslations and safely supporting businesses. 🧑‍⚖️ With AI specialized in the legal field, Bering Lab reduces human resources and minimizes human translation errors. Experience the accuracy and speed of the enhanced Bering AI now! For those in need of premium services with expert review, real-time quotes are available through Bering AI+.

Currently, over 130 law firms, including Sejong, Barun, and patent law firms both domestically and internationally, use our services, and global corporations are actively utilizing them as well. Trusted and chosen by Korea’s top law firms, Bering Lab guarantees the quality of specialized translations in law, contracts, patents, and offers services three times faster and 40% cheaper than competitors. Contact Bering Lab today.

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