Are You Using the Same Translation Engine for Patents, Contracts, and Court Decisions? BeringAI is Different!




In today’s global business environment, accurate and swift translations are essential. Especially for specialized documents such as legal, patent, and business documents, relying on general translation tools makes it challenging to achieve high-quality translations. To meet these demands, BeringAI offers customized translation engines optimized for the nature of each document. Today, let’s explore the various specialized translation engines of BeringAI and see how they maximize translation accuracy and efficiency.

‘Legal’ Translation Engine: Enhancing Legal Accuracy

Legal documents are extremely detailed, and the use of legal terminology must be precise. BeringAI’s legal translation engine is designed to meet these requirements with the following features:

  • Accurate Translation of Legal Terminology: The legal translation engine accurately understands and translates legal terms and their contexts. This is particularly important for contracts, court submissions, and legal opinions.
  • Consistency Across Documents: In legal documents, the same terms must be used consistently. BeringAI ensures terminological consistency throughout the document, ensuring legal validity.
  • Handling Complex Sentence Structures: Legal documents often contain complex sentences. BeringAI accurately analyzes these structures and translates them clearly and concisely.

‘Patent’ Translation Engine: Enhancing Technical Accuracy

Patent documents contain technical content that requires specialized knowledge. BeringAI’s patent translation engine is designed to meet these demands:

  • Professional Translation of Technical Terms: The patent translation engine accurately translates terms from various technical fields such as electronics, chemistry, and mechanics, preserving the original meaning of the technical documents.
  • Translation of Drawings and Descriptions: Patent documents often include drawings and their descriptions. BeringAI accurately translates these descriptions to enhance the clarity of patent applications.
  • Precise Document Structure: The patent translation engine accurately translates the components of patent documents and maintains the structure of the original text, which is crucial during the patent examination process.

‘Business’ Translation Engine: Enhancing Commercial Efficiency

Business documents come in various forms, such as contracts, reports, and marketing materials, where accuracy and speed are critical. BeringAI’s business translation engine is designed to meet these needs:

  • Accurate Translation of Commercial Terms: The business translation engine accurately translates commercial terms and expressions, which is particularly important for business contracts and market analysis reports.
  • Cultural Adaptation: Business documents must consider various cultural backgrounds. BeringAI reflects cultural differences to provide natural translations.
  • Fast Processing: Business documents often require quick processing. BeringAI meets business demands with its fast translation speed.

BeringAI’s Customized Translation Engines: Maximizing Efficiency and Accuracy

BeringAI’s customized translation engines provide optimized translations tailored to the characteristics and requirements of each document type. This allows users to enjoy the following benefits:

  • High Translation Quality: Professional translations tailored to the nature of the document provide high-quality translations.
  • Time Savings: Customized translation engines significantly reduce translation time.
  • Cost Efficiency: Efficient translation processes save costs.

BeringAI offers customized translation engines specialized for various types of documents, such as legal, patent, and business documents. This allows users to experience more accurate and faster translations. Especially for documents requiring high expertise, BeringAI’s customized translation engines deliver outstanding performance, providing users with the best results.

🌎 Trusted by leading law firms worldwide, BeringAI delivers legal translations three times faster, 40% cheaper, and six times more accurately than other providers.

Experience a new dimension of document translation with BeringAI today!

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