🤝 Revolutionizing Contract Drafting and Translation: The Partnership between BoostDraft and Bering Lab




Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea — June 3, 2024 — In a groundbreaking collaboration, BoostDraft, a pioneer in automating contract review and drafting processes, and Bering Lab, renowned for its superior AI-powered legal document translation, announce their strategic partnership aimed at transforming the legal industry.

BoostDraft has been at the forefront of legal technology, providing a sophisticated software solution that streamlines and automates tedious tasks involved in contract review and drafting. Their cutting-edge technology is widely used by over 7,500 lawyers and legal professionals across the globe, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in legal workflows.

BoostDraft’s CEO, Yohei Fujii, stated, “This partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to innovate the legal industry. By integrating Bering Lab’s advanced AI translation capabilities, we can offer a more comprehensive solution that meets the growing demand for accurate and efficient legal document processing across multiple languages.”

Bering Lab has developed an AI specialized in translating legal documents, outperforming other AI solutions (e.g., ChatGPT and DeepL) in terms of accuracy and context comprehension. Their technology ensures that legal terminology and nuances are precisely captured, a critical aspect in the legal field where precision is paramount.

Bering Lab’s CEO, Seong Moon, commented, “Joining forces with BoostDraft allows us to extend the reach of our AI translation technology and provide a seamless, integrated solution for the legal community. Our combined expertise will set a new standard for legal document processing.”

This collaboration is expected to deliver significant benefits to legal professionals by reducing time spent on document translation and review, improving the accuracy of legal documents, and ultimately driving efficiency and productivity in legal practices worldwide.

About BoostDraft

BoostDraft redefines legal professionals’ ways of working by taking the productivity secrets of software engineers’ coding techniques and applying them to legal drafting. The software transforms Microsoft Word into an AI-assisted document editor specialized for legal professionals. Its solutions are differentiated with unique features to eliminate overlooked inefficiencies, strong security of not transmitting document data outside of users’ devices and exceptional ROI enabled by its usability and functionality.

Achieving $2 million in ARR in under two years, it’s driven by word-of-mouth referrals from 7,500 loyal users, bypassing external funding or marketing campaigns for growth.

About Bering Lab

Bering Lab is a legal and business AI translation specialist founded in 2020 by lawyers, for lawyers. We support law firms and corporations that require additional translation capabilities, urgent tasks, or translations in languages not supported internally. Bering Lab offers specialized AI translation and lawyer-reviewed services. Currently, Bering Lab serves over 140 law firms and more than 800 companies worldwide.

Trusted and chosen by the top law firms worldwide, Bering Lab offers legal translation that is three times faster, 40% more cost-effective, and over six times more accurate than competitors. Contact Bering Lab now for ‘BeringAI+ Legal Translation’ reviewed by expert attorneys!

Contact Bering Lab now to inquire about our expert-reviewed legal translation services!

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