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In the legal field, utilizing AI translation can revolutionize the efficiency of daily tasks. Bering Lab’s ‘BeringAI’ translation engine plays a crucial role in this process. It enables quick translation of legal documents, allowing legal professionals to save time and focus on more strategic tasks. AI ensures consistent translation of repetitive expressions and specialized terminology, maintaining consistency across documents and maximizing efficiency in long-term projects.

The use of AI translation goes beyond simple translation. It includes automated review and correction processes to eliminate basic errors in advance and improve the accuracy of legal documents. This is especially important when handling various international documents and becomes an essential tool for legal professionals active in the global market. However, AI translation has its limitations, particularly in fully understanding and applying legal nuances and complexities. Today, we will introduce Bering Lab’s integrated solution, BeringAI+, which enhances the productivity of legal document translation and complements the limitations of AI translation.

AI Translation: Achieving 60% Productivity Improvement

Bering Lab’s AI translation engine significantly enhances productivity in legal document translation. It learns from large datasets to understand the characteristics of legal terminology and syntax. As a result, it significantly increases the speed of translating routine legal documents while providing high-quality translations.

For example, standardized documents such as contracts, legal notices, and internal company policies can drastically reduce translation time by using the AI translator. This allows legal professionals to spend more time on complex and strategic tasks, increasing overall work efficiency.

Additionally, AI translation recognizes and consistently translates repetitive terms and phrases, maintaining consistency across documents. This feature is particularly useful for long documents or multiple related documents. AI translation maintains consistency throughout the translation process, which is essential for ensuring the accuracy and professionalism of the entire set of legal documents.

The Necessity of Professional Legal Translation Services

Professional legal translation services are essential in specific situations. High-risk documents directly tied to legal outcomes, such as court submissions, international patent applications, and complex contracts for large transactions, cannot be adequately handled without the review of professional translators. These documents often contain sophisticated legal logic and specialized terminology, and incorrect translations can lead to serious consequences such as legal disputes or the invalidation of contracts.

Professional translators possess legal knowledge and translation expertise, accurately translating contextual nuances and specific legal procedures that AI translation may struggle with. For example, in international law, the same legal term can be interpreted differently depending on the country. In such cases, professional translators must understand and appropriately translate the specific legal context of the term in that country. Moreover, when new laws are introduced or legal interpretations change, human translators can more accurately and quickly reflect these changes compared to AI translators.

By combining AI translation and professional legal translation services, Bering Lab achieves high accuracy and productivity in legal translation. These two services work complementarily, supporting legal professionals to perform their tasks more efficiently.

AI Translation and Professional Translation Services: Bering Lab’s Innovative Integrated Solution

As international legal transactions and multinational corporate activities expand, the demand for legal document translation is also rapidly increasing. To meet these market demands, Bering Lab offers two innovative services: AI-based ‘BeringAI Translation Engine’ and ‘BeringAI+ Professional Translation Service,’ which includes expert review. This blog post explores the advantages and necessities of these two services and explains how they maximize the quality and efficiency of translations in the legal field.

Advantages and Limitations of AI Translation

The BeringAI translation engine utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to quickly translate large volumes of legal documents. This helps legal professionals efficiently gather information and accelerate decision-making processes. It provides high consistency and accuracy, especially for repetitive and general documents. However, AI translation often overlooks subtle nuances and may have limitations in accurately interpreting specific legal terminology. Therefore, human translators are still crucial for fully understanding and translating complex legal content and nuanced legal language.

Importance of Professional Legal Translation Services

The BeringAI+ service includes a process where professional translators review and refine AI translation results. This service is particularly essential for important documents such as official legal documents, contracts, and execution documents. Professional translators have the deep knowledge and experience required to accurately translate legal responsibilities, new precedents and legal interpretations, and specific legal procedures. They ensure the legal accuracy of documents and appropriately reflect cultural nuances in translations, playing a critical role in minimizing the risk of legal disputes.

By effectively combining AI technology with human expertise, Bering Lab supports legal professionals in performing their tasks more efficiently and accurately. Bering Lab’s translation services, which meet the high standards of translation quality and processing speed required in the global legal environment, contribute to building close cooperation and trust in the legal field. If you are looking for a reliable and accurate translation partner in the legal field, Bering Lab’s AI translation and professional translation services are the optimal choice.

Trusted and chosen by the top law firms worldwide, Bering Lab offers legal translation that is three times faster, 40% more cost-effective, and over six times more accurate than competitors. Contact Bering Lab now for ‘BeringAI+ Legal Translation’ reviewed by expert attorneys!

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