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Customized Translation Engine

“Let your team focus on what they do best, and leave the rest to our software!”

In today’s corporate environment, the importance of global communication is continually increasing. To effectively meet these challenges, many companies are considering implementing in-house translation engines. Bering Lab provides customized B2B services for major law firms and corporations, building translation solutions optimized for specific business needs and terminology, enabling more efficient and secure global communications.

Bering Lab’s Customized Translation Engine

Bering Lab’s enterprise internal translation engine is custom-designed to meet the unique requirements of each client. It excels particularly in specialized fields such as legal, patent, and business, accurately understanding and reflecting specific terminologies and document styles. This AI-powered engine continuously learns and improves, translating your company’s internal documents and communications accurately and naturally.

⛑️ Custom Solution for Security-Sensitive Enterprises and Organizations

Data security is a primary focus at Bering Lab. All translation tasks are processed on private cloud servers, eliminating the risk of external data breaches. These servers operate using the latest security protocols, ensuring complete protection of sensitive information and documents. This adherence to international data protection regulations fulfills all legal requirements perfectly.

Bering Lab’s security architecture ensures the protection of personal information and security. It complies with internal data security protocols to ensure that sensitive data such as customer information, confidential reports, and trade secrets remain within the information system’s scope. Designed for clients requiring the highest security standards such as large corporations, public institutions, and law firms, Bering Lab resolves all security issues while maintaining global security protocols through cutting-edge technology, best practices, and regular audits.

😎 Benefits of Customized Translation Systems

Productivity Enhancement

Bering Lab’s corporate translation engine goes beyond simple translation by managing company-specific terminologies and maintaining consistency in document formats. This allows the company to maintain a consistent brand message in the global market and simplifies internal communications and document management, significantly enhancing work efficiency. Using Bering Lab’s translation engine within organizational infrastructure radically simplifies communication and collaboration processes. Let your team focus on their strengths and leave the rest to our software! Organizational efficiency and overall productivity are maximized.

Model Customization

Machine translation does not always meet the expectations of experts in terms of translating various industry-specific terminologies and documents. Especially as each corporation or institution focuses on different types of documents, setting ‘specialized terminologies’ through an in-house solution ensures the highest quality of translation outputs. Create a customized translation model trained on translation memories or bilingual data specific to the document categories and industries your company focuses on to significantly enhance translation productivity.

Autonomy and Compliance

Bering Lab provides custom-managed machine translation solutions tailored to individual organizations. Private cloud translation servers offer the flexibility to perfectly align with specific requirements. You can control the update process, continuously managing the translation server updates according to schedule and settings. Bering Lab’s translation solution provides an efficient and user-operable translation framework that meets the unique needs of each organization, offering autonomy and compliance in translation tasks.

The World’s Best Customized Enterprise Translation Solution, Bering Lab

Bering Lab’s customized enterprise translation engine takes your company’s global communications and internal document management to a higher level. Designed for entities that prioritize the highest security conditions—large corporations, public agencies, and major law firms—’Bering Lab’ is tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization, providing an unparalleled solution for high-quality, immediate translation tasks.

From basic business documents such as ‘manuals’ and ‘reports’ to legal documents where a single term can determine the quality of translation like ‘contracts’, ‘injunction applications’, and ‘patent specifications’, Bering Lab’s specialized AI translation engine has it covered. It also translates various types of documents like presentations, Word, and PDFs with superior performance, boasting the highest standard of translation technology.

If you need secure and accurate translations, contact Bering Lab to experience a translation solution optimized for your company. Bering Lab is a trusted translation partner for over 130 law firms and corporations worldwide. Start enhancing the efficiency of your global business with Bering Lab today!

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