Revolutionizing Legal Document Translation with ‘BeringAI’ and the Expert-Reviewed ‘BeringAI+’

Introducing BeringLab’s latest artificial intelligence (AI) translation service. BeringLab has been recognized as the leader in legal document translation solutions internationally, boasting a recent victory at the 2023 Huawei Cloud International Startup Competition, where it clinched the top prize. 🏆 BeringAI International Awards 2020-07: First place in the Quality Estimation Task at the WMT20 (World […]

Fatal Translation Errors in Legal Documents: Ensuring Safety with BeringAI’s Flawless Translations

The Importance of Legal Document Translation Legal documents are crucial for clearly recording agreements between companies or individuals. Accurate translation of these documents is essential to prevent misunderstandings and clarify legal obligations. In the realm of legal documents, where professionalism and precision are paramount, a small translation error can lead to significant financial losses, damage […]