Introducing Bering Lab’s Corporate Translation Engine: Transforming Legal Document Translation for Global Businesses

Custom AI Translation Solution for Enterprises

In today’s business environment, global communication is essential. For law firms and large corporations that handle legal documents, accurate and prompt translation is a critical element of successful business operations. Incorrect translations can lead to legal disputes, tarnishing a company’s reputation and causing financial loss. This is why implementing a customized corporate translation engine has […]

Trusted Legal Translation Services by Bering Lab

In today’s global business environment, the accuracy and speed of legal document translation are more critical than ever. Even a minor error in legal translation can lead to significant legal issues, which is why many global law firms and corporations seek reliable translation partners. Among these, Bering Lab stands out as a trusted expert in […]

Legal Translation Guideline, Explained by a Lawyer: “Foregoing”

In today’s global business environment, translating contracts and legal documents is critical. These documents demand precision and clarity, requiring meticulous attention during translation. Legal terms often differ from their everyday meanings, making accurate translation essential. Today, we will delve into the legal term “Foregoing,” commonly used in legal documents. The Meaning and Use of “Foregoing” […]

Expert Tips on Patent Translation: (2) Simplicity

In today’s global business environment, patents have become a core asset for companies. Clear and accurate translations are essential in the process of filing and protecting patents. Specifically, translating patent specifications is a complex task that requires considering both technical accuracy and legal effectiveness. This article will explore how to maintain simplicity when translating patent […]

Easily Translate Complex ‘Legal Documents’ with BeringAI Legal Translator

legal translation

In today’s global business environment, managing and translating cross-border contracts and legal documents is highly complex. Lawyers, legal professionals, and global business managers constantly face challenges related to accuracy, confidentiality, and efficiency. Bering Lab’s BeringAI is an AI-based legal translator designed to solve these problems, offering swift and precise translations for legal, patent, and business […]

Considering Global Patent Filings?Choose ‘Bering Lab’ for Patent Translations!

In today’s global market, patents play a crucial role. In an environment where technological innovation is active, patents are essential for protecting a company’s competitiveness and securing intellectual property rights. Particularly when entering foreign markets or obtaining patents in various countries, patent translation becomes an indispensable process. This blog will explore the situations where patent […]

Korean Law Firm, ‘WeAdvise’ Maximizes Legal Translation Efficiency with Bering Lab’s Professional Translation Service!

“Korean Law Firm, ‘WeAdvise’ Maximizes Legal Translation Efficiency with Bering Lab’s Professional Translation Service!” 🎯Achieved KPIs WeAdvise, a law firm offering specialized legal services to startups and SMEs, utilizes Bering Lab’s ‘Professional Translation Service,’ which combines AI preliminary translations reviewed by former lawyers. Through the BeringAI+ service, WeAdvise significantly improved the efficiency and quality of […]

AI Translation Tool Endorsed by Legal Document Professionals: BeringAI

In today’s global business environment, accurate and prompt translation is essential. This is especially true for documents that require a high degree of expertise, such as legal, business, and patent documents. While many translation tools have been developed to meet these needs, BeringAI stands out among legal document translation professionals. The Importance of Legal Document […]

Expert Tips on Patent Translation: Overseas Patent Filing – (1) PCT International Application

When seeking to obtain a patent in a foreign country, an international application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is essential. Applicants must submit translated application documents, including specifications, abstracts, and drawings, to the designated office within 30 months from the priority date (Patent Act Article 193). This process is commonly referred to as the […]

Legal Translation Guideline, Explained by a Lawyer: “Including but not limited to”

today’s global business environment, many Korean companies enter into contracts with foreign buyers or vendors in English. Accurate understanding and translation of English contracts are crucial in this process. Since the terms in a contract have legal binding power, translating them involves more than just converting languages. It requires considering the precise meaning and legal […]