Bering Lab Professional Translator Interview Series #4 – ‘HB Kim’ Translator

professional translator

“There Must Be a Reason Why Major Korean Law Firms Choose BeringAI😎“ Today, we introduce an interview with HB Kim, who works as a translation PM and an in-house translator at Bering Lab. HB Kim has over 10 years of experience living abroad, possessing not only linguistic skills but also specialized knowledge in patent translation […]

BeringLab Professional Translator Interview Series #2 – ‘HY Cho’ Translator

Legal Translation

“To excel in translation, ‘industry experience’ is absolutely crucial.“– Interview with HY Cho, a translator with 30 years of experience across various majors and industries – Today, we’re sharing the story of HY Cho, a translator who has studied abroad in the USA and the UK, and explored majors such as Business Administration, Law, Physics, […]

BeringLab’s Professional Translator Interview #1 – Translator JH Lee

“Even competitors acknowledge that if someone has worked with ‘BeringLab,’ their skills have been validated.”– Interview with JH Lee, a former attorney who studied law in both Korea and the USA – Today, we introduce JH Lee, a translation expert who majored in law in Korea and the USA and has worked as both a […]